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Parks and Fields

The Town of Islip has 97 park facilities. Some are in decent condition but far too many, especially those in Brentwood and Central Islip, are in complete disrepair. There’s unkempt grass, poor drainage, broken ball fields, unfenced playgrounds, and many other signs of poor oversight and mismanagement. Necessary repairs, such as those at Roberto Clemente Park where the toxic waste dump scandal occurred, languish in bureaucratic purgatory. Our residents deserve better.
This issue is unique to Islip when compared to other localities on Long Island, and it isn’t an ongoing problem because we lack the funds to repair our facilities. No, mismanagement and simple apathy are the reasons that Islip Town residents must drive to other towns to use parks in decent condition, and why parks in neighboring towns from Babylon to Brookhaven put ours to shame. 
Parks should be the jewel of a community. They are where neighbors congregate to enjoy community events, sports, have their kids play, and get to know one another. Parks also help create safer communities by providing spaces for children’s programs, outside of the reach of gangs that try to recruit our children. Central Islip and Brentwood in particular are in incredible need of affordable children’s activities to keep our kids off-limits from MS-13, who continuously look for vulnerable children looking to belong. 
Of course, these parks are primarily for the enjoyment of our residents, but they are also an untapped source of revenue for our town. Many adult recreational sports leagues exist in our communities, from softball to basketball to soccer, but derelict Islip fields are at the bottom of the pecking order when teams are deciding where to play. Instead of Islip Town benefiting from usage fees, Islip residents wind up paying Brookhaven or Babylon to use their parks instead. We propose creating Islip recreational leagues, like our neighbors, both to provide enjoyment for our residents and to create another source of revenue for the town that doesn’t burden the taxpayer.
When our team is in office, a review will be conducted to determine what repairs and renovations are necessary, ranked in degree of severity, and a work schedule will be created and made available to the public. Furthermore, we will create spaces for community gardens, which will help beautify our town and provide a source of community engagement. Native trees and greenery will be planted to further beautify our parks.
We will create a long-term plan to update and revamp children’s playgrounds. Every playground will have proper fencing around the equipment, up-to-date safety features, cleared and safe paths, and rubber tiles instead of wood chips and gravel. The playgrounds will also be updated to ensure that every community has a park with spaces for children with special needs, such as sensory gardens, wheelchair accessibility, sensory friendly playground equipment, and balancing activities. This will make sure that all of the Town’s children have somewhere safe and fun to play. 
We will complete the Islip skate park so that young people have a place to ride bicycles and skateboards and try tricks in a space safe from traffic and pedestrians.
Instead of a meager discount, we will revamp the recreation card program so that purchasing a card provides one with full access to all parks, spray parks, and pools in the Town. 
Ultimately, we will ensure that Islip has modern and safe playgrounds for our children, functional ballparks for children and adults, beautiful park areas for families, a deeper sense of community, and more fun. After having our parks languish for so long, we deserve it.

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