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Pot Holes

During this campaign, we’ve used the #AngiesIslip hashtag to collect and document the endless evidence of the current administration’s failure to properly maintain even your most basic infrastructure—  roads. But you were well aware of the condition of our roads well before this campaign started. Islip’s roads are riddled with cracks and potholes. It is ugly and it is dangerous, and considering how much we pay in meter fees that are supposed to go towards infrastructure repairs, downright embarrassing.
Sadly these conditions persist, and even seem to be getting worse, despite the steady increase in overtime payouts to town workers over the last three years.
The Islip Democrats team recognize that your town’s transportation infrastructure is critical to living and working each and every day. The damage caused to your cars and trucks from long-term exposure to these potholes is yet another hidden tax levied upon your family. 
To this end, we pledge to provide the men and women of our Department of Public Works with a work environment that utilizes the most efficient, state of the art street maintenance equipment, and training on said equipment that will result in the most expedient filling of potholes throughout your town. 
We will conduct a review of the reported issues and the roads overall to determine what repairs and renovations are necessary, rank them in degree of severity and pin them to a work schedule which will be publicly available. Repairs will not just be patch-jobs, but repaving where necessary. We will set an efficient pace in order to bring the Islip roads to useable condition.
Additionally, as stated in our previous policy announcement, will provide an easy reporting system through the Town website so that you can easily notify the administration regarding potholes and other infrastructure issues.
No matter if they’re primary, secondary or neighborhood side streets, regularly scheduled street sweeping, prompt effective curb-to-curb snow plowing, and the clearing and cleaning of storm drainage systems to prevent street flooding will be a top priority of our administration. Cost effective road maintenance is the very cornerstone of a vital community. Your hard earned tax dollars deserve no less.

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