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Sunrise Movement Endorses Tom Murray for Islip Supervisor

Eric Stenzel
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Sunrise Long Island Endorses Tom Murray for Islip Town Supervisor

TOWN OF ISLIP, August 7th, 2019: Over the past two years, Sunrise Movement has skyrocketed into the public discourse. Led by youth climate activists, Sunrise Movement has highlighted the corrupting influence of fossil fuel industry money in politics and pushed the Green New Deal resolution onto the agenda.

Sunrise Long Island is one of hundreds of Sunrise hubs that have sprouted since then. As young people, we believe that to protect our future we must change what is possible. That is why we are endorsing a candidate who will turn the tide of politics in the Town of Islip.

As of August 4th, Sunrise Long Island has endorsed Bayport resident and environmental lawyer Tom Murray for Islip Town Supervisor. Tom’s commitment to the environment is clearly highlighted both in his campaign and who he is as a person. Pledging not to take fossil fuel money and to support the Green New Deal in all the ways he can as supervisor, Tom will be a pivotal player in bringing Islip from one of the least climate friendly town governments on Long Island to one of the most vociferous protectors of our planet and children.

Supervisor Carpenter has repeatedly rejected and demeaned proposals to bring Islip closer to carbon neutrality, and has patronized the youth organizers who have been pushing for such goals. It is time to replace her with a climate champion who understands that the climate crisis requires urgent action.

When asked what he would do in regards to fossil fuel projects in the Town of Islip, his answer was simple: “We will not allow them.” Bold local leadership like this will be the backbone of a Green New Deal.

Sunrise Long Island is committed to doing the hard work for getting Tom into office, and will focus its canvassing efforts on voters living in front-line communities on the south shore.

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